I’m signing novels at the The 2nd Annual Fredericksburg Independent Book Festival! More than a dozen members of Washington Romance Writers will be there, at Riverside Park in Fredericksburg, Virginia.Laurel Wanrow author of The Luminated Threads series

In celebration of this, my first book festival, the first in my steampunk series, The Unraveling, is a free ebook download on all platforms (until 9/28).

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If you’re in the area, please stop by!

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Jump into my completed Victorian fantasy series, The Luminated Threads,

a serialized novel, mixing Victorian steampunk, witches, shapeshifters and a sweet romance in a secret corner of England.

The Unraveling, Volume One


A proper Victorian artist escapes a ruthless industrial magnate and discovers plant and animal shifters hiding their lives from the rest of Victorian England.

More about the book…

The Twisting, Volume Two


Danger mounts in a land of wild magic, and Annmar’s knowledge of Outside ways—and her magic—might be more important than anyone realizes.

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The Binding, Volume Three


Annmar must choose between keeping her magic or losing her homeland.

More about the book…

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